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Ive choosing Kidnapping


In your Final Project, you will look at crimes in three categories: against property, against persons, and against public order. From the list below, select three crimes, one from each category. 3 slide presentation, respond to the following questions for each of the three crimes that you select:

  1. Define the elements of the crime, including the actus reus and mens rea for each crime. Make sure to cite a state criminal statute for each crime.
  2. Identify whether the crime can be classified as a crime against property, crime against person, or a crime against public order and why the crime is so classified.
  3. Describe a factual scenario, either fictional or true in fact, in which the crime is committed. Should there be different penalties for crimes against property, people, and public order? Why? Do you believe that crimes in one category are more serious? Support your argument with examples as to why these crimes are similar or different.

You may use the Model Penal Code definitions as outlined in your text, or select specific statutes from the Federal or a state criminal code. However, make sure you clearly identify the elements as outlined in that statute. It is suggested that you separate your responses for each scenario with headings in your presentation.

Remember to answer each of the questions above for each of the scenarios you select and, when referring to your text or other sources, clearly cite your sources both on the slides in your presentation and on the reference slide.

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