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Diversionary programs for juveniles help keep them out of prison and detention facilities. Visit Diversionary Programs: An Overview from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) at for additional research on diversionary programs for juveniles.

Find a local program (city or county based) and a state-level program to use for your Assignment. You need only discuss two programs.

Create an 8–12 slide PowerPoint® presentation incorporating speaker notes to include the following:

  • Identify three components of the diversionary programs and initiatives within the programs you identified.
  • Compare and contrast the state and local programs.
    • How well do they contribute to successful reintegration services?
    • How well do they contribute to successful and transition services?
  • Analyze trends and patterns of these programs as they contribute to reduced recidivism (this may be data driven).
  • Relate the trends and patterns to the programs overall validity and effectiveness.

Include an introduction and reference slide.

Cite all references consistent with APA formatting

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