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The scientific method emphasizes the use of precision, objectivity, critical thinking, careful observation, practice, repeatability, uncertainty management, and peer review, all of which help support the reliable collection, measurement, and interpretation of clues in order to produce knowledge about a situation.


In 3-5 pages, including title page and reference page, discuss the scientific approach used to identify and collect various types of trace, blood, and/or other biological evidence that has the potential to resolve a criminal investigation.

  1. Provide a detailed example of clues that can be gleaned from the detailed observation, examination, and analysis of at least two specific types of trace and/or biological evidence.

  2. What procedures must be followed by the crime scene investigator during the evidence collection process to ensure that accurate and reliable scientific results can be obtained from a forensic analysis of the evidence?

  3. Include in your paper, how a crime scene investigator would defend their research in a court of law.

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