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Must be original, must have reference, must pass plagiarism, and each question must have 200 word count.

Question #1: Arrest and Detention

What are the responsibilities and statutory authority of justice system officials and security personnel regarding detention and arrests of suspected offenders? How do these responsibilities differ among the various departments and agencies? Explain.

Question #2: Treatment of suspects

What are some of the documented ways in which suspects are treated? What are the laws that govern the uses of force demonstrated by law enforcement officials and security officials? Are some of the methods too excessive? Do you agree with the ways in which suspects are treated? Support your position

Question #3: (Search and seizure violations) Illegal Searches

What do you think would be an appropriate remedy for violation of the search and seizure laws by law enforcement? What recommendations would you make to ensure privacy rights are upheld according to constitutional laws? Explain.

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