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Cold War and Communism

Select Option 1 or Option 2:


Option 1:  Duck and Cover

Produced in 1951, “Duck and Cover” is a 9-minute Public Service Announcement that offers insight into the Cold War fears of the 1950s.   


View the film at the following website (it is also available on YouTube, if you prefer):www.archive.org/details/DuckandC1951.


Write a 500-word essay analyzing the film’s message. 

  • How effective do you think the suggestions for surviving a nuclear attack would have been? 
  • If you were a child in 1951, how might this film have influenced your understanding of the world? 
  • What, in your view, was the film’s purpose? 


Option 2:  See It Now

From 1951 to 1958, journalist Edward R. Murrow produced a television news show called See It Now.  In a now-famous 1954 broadcast, Murrow’s guest was Senator Joseph McCarthy, whose appearance on the show contributed to his political downfall.   


Watch the show at http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=1065699n 


Write a 500-word paper discussing McCarthy and the Red Scare. 

·         What is your view of McCarthy based upon this television appearance? 

·         What does this show suggest about the role the media played during the Red Scare? 

·         What does this show suggest about the role the American public played during the Red Scare?


Format the paper and cite the source of all historical data offered in the essay, whether quoted or paraphrased, according to APA guidelines.  Proofread and edit the paper to correct spelling and grammar errors.


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