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Assignment 4   Murder

The examination and interpretation of physical evidence found at the crime scene can assist in the reconstruction of the crime. Through bloodstain pattern analysis, the examiner can reconstruct the movements of the victim and the offender. Fingerprint and shoe impressions can assist in the identification of suspects. The detective will conduct interviews of the witnesses and suspects. The crime scene investigator documents, detects, collects, and preserves photographs and other physical evidence. The medical examiner will perform the autopsy and communicate with the detective and the crime scene investigator about their findings. Criminal investigation is therefore a team effort. Once the offender is arrested, the prosecutor will present the investigation to the court and officially file charges against the offender. There is no room for error.

Main Task: Evaluate the Process of a Thorough Homocide InvestigationWrite a paper that explores the steps law enforcement needs to take when investigating a homicide and include responses to the following:
  • Consider the different manners of death such as suicide, homicide, accidental, and natural. How would the investigator properly determine the manner of death?
  • What kind of forensic disciplines can assist in the determination of the manner of death and how?
  • What are the primary factors that must be considered in conducting a thorough criminal investigation from start to finish? How can forensics assist? Provide specific examples to justify your reasoning.

Support your paper with at least five (5) scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages

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Juvenile Delinquency and Family Unit Structure
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Evaluate the Process of a Thorough Homicide Investigation
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