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 You are an associate director in a 300-bed hospital located in an urban area. For the purposes of your presentation, the location will be the closest city to your current residence (this may be your city of residence). A sum of money is available for investment in the facility. You have been tasked by the hospital CEO to present a possible investment scenario in which you renovate your existing facility, expand the current facility, or clinically integrate your electronic health records (EHRs). There is only enough money to fund one of the potential projects. Your primary sources of data and information may or may not be reliable. Please see the Finance, Risk, and Cost document for the data needed to create your presentation.

In this discussion, you will be create a five-minute presentation using PowerPoint and Screenr wherein you propose one of the potential projects and defend its viability as the best option at the present time. Your PowerPoint presentation slides must include the following information:

  • A basic design of the projected service/project (i.e., the option you are promoting)


  • An analysis of the role of public policy in terms of your provision of health care services and provide justification of your choice


  • An explanation of the relevance of the current financial data in terms of the projected outcome of the project


  • A compare and contrast discussion of the economic challenges and incentives related to your project

 Finance, Risk, and Cost Data  

Current Patient volume:  Most recent Fiscal Year = 1.5 million patients 
Projected Patient volume: Next Fiscal Year = + 5%-10% of most recent total
Current General Budget: $2.25 Billion Total Operating Expense
Census Data from the area in which the facility is located:  Check the Census data for your city to check for the current population of payers (patients)
Current charge for a basic hospital stay: $400 per 24 hour stay in a hospital bed
Most recent Fiscal Year payers (patients) Breakdown:  33% Medicare 33% Private Insurance 33% Self Pay/International Patients  1% Indigent care 
Current Complaints and Issues:
Patients are frustrated that they have to bring their paper records to the hospital.
Patients complain that the hospital often runs duplicate tests because the records were not available.
Patients complain that physicians and nurses are in a hurry and don’t follow up
Departments within the hospital do not communicate properly
Supply issues cause problems in the timing of care
Patients want updates in real time whenever possible. However doctors, nurses, and staff are not able to provide this.
Results of tests and other care related information is not readily available to patients.
The facilities are old and uncomfortable for patients and staff
There is no follow up with patients after their care thus causing more readmissions.
The ratio of physicians and nurses to patients is too low.
The rooms are cramped and uncomfortable for patients and visitors.
There is inadequate parking at the facility.  


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