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The European Union Scientific Committee on Food conducted a study last year, and found that while

caffeine levels in energy drinks were safe, more studies were needed to assess the dangers of

taurine and glucuronolactone.

Ravi and Keith have been contacted by a French beverage firm seeking a joint venture with Zip-6 in

that country. Since sales of rival Red Bull has been banned in France because of health concerns

with two of its ingredients, taurine and glucuronolactone; Ravi is viewing this proposed joint venture

with great interest since Zip-6 does not contain these questionable ingredients. Nils noted that France

is a member of the European Union (EU) and sees this as possibly the next major market for the

company. A presence in France would give Zip-6 access to all EU countries. This seems particularly

promising since France, Denmark, and Norway (all EU countries) have banned the sales of Red Bull

within these countries. For your Final Project, you are asked to assume the role of a Zip-6 analyst that

has been assigned the task of researching the French beverage market and the European Union

trade rules and to prepare the following:

Part 1: Outline and presentation – Using seven Power Point slides (using the PowerPoint Template

provided), prepare an outline of your proposed final report to Zip-6 senior management. This is your

graded Assignment for Unit 5.

Checklist Items: Create an Outline to include:

? Analysis of French beverage market

? EU trade rules

Save this Part 1 of your Final Project in a file which you can access later to assist you with the rest of

your Final Project due in Unit 9. Then after spell and grammar checking your seven PowerPoint

slides, submit your outline presentation for grading to the Dropbox.

Unit 5 [220: Global Business]

UNIT 5 Assignment Grading Sheet - Part I of Final Project

Per Cent Kaplan

Possible Score For This

Project: 100 30

Per Cent Points Points

Content per checklists: Possible possible Earned

Answer provides correct and complete

information demonstrating critical thinking:

Checklist Items: Create an Outline to


Analysis of French beverage market

EU trade rules








in PPT 20% 6

Unit 5 [220: Global Business]

100% 30



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