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Final Portfolio Submission Link

Follow these guidelines for your Final Portfolio in this order:

  • APA Title Page: give your portfolio a creative title
  • Introduction: Introduce yourself in a one page, typed, double-spaced. You might want to write about yourself, your family, your history as a student, your goals, your dreams, and your aspirations.
  • Show your best independent writing style and tell your audience something he/she might not necessarily know about you.
  • Three assignments (from this class) with the highest grades
  • Reflections on two lowest assignment grades from this course: (At least two paragraphs per reflection)
  • What was the grade I received?
  • Reflect on three reasons that I received this grade and use text evidence to support this reflection.
  • In this assignment, what are my strengths?  Use text evidence to support this reflection.
  • In this assignment, what are areas in which I need to improve?  Recount what those areas are and then provide clear examples from your essay. 
  • What concepts/lessons have I learned about essay writing that I did use or should have used in completing this essay?
  • lowest grades: Argument Synthesis Submission Link score 88, Explanatory Synthesis Submission Link score 90
  • highest grades: Summary Submission Link: score 92,  Critique Submission Link, score 95
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