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Hello Class

Appendix C is attached and must be submitted for the Final Exam. Students who want to do well in this class and successfully pass the final exam need to do the background chapters 11-13. These chapters point you toward the source document information and instruct you on what to enter so that when you start Chapter 14 all information have been entered and you can perform the steps necessary for the screen shots. Please understand that Chapter 14 does not have every step that is required on Appendix C but it is your responsibility to provide all screen shots for Appendix C. We are working with all new patients so all information must be entered so allow yourself time to finish this exam. Late exams are not accepted so you must submit by 11:59 MST or you will receive a 0 on this exam. All extra information in a screen shot and all missing information will cause deductions for that slide. Substitute screen shots are not acceptable and will receive a 0 for that slide if the exact screen shot labeled on the slide is not submitted.

Listed below is clarification for the final exam.

Slides 14-1a to Slides 14-2b 
Some screen shots may have one person and some may have several but students who do the steps in Chapter 11-13 will have the correct amount of people. The label on each slide does not indicate the number of people who should be scheduled for an appointment. All extra information and all missing information will have deductions.
14-1a Luther Jackson
14-1b Edwin Hsu
14-1c Jill Simmons
14-1d 2 people in this screen shot
14-1e 2 people in screen shot
14-1f 2 people in screen shot
14-1g 3 people in screen shot
14-1h (1) Screen shot of Christopher Palmer for Name Address
14-1h (2) Screen shot of Christopher Palmer for Other Information
14-1h(3) Screen shot for Christopher Palmer for Appointment
14-2a 2 people in screen shot
14-2b 2 people in Screen shot
Slides 14-3a to Slides 14-3c Schedule Screen Shots
These screen shots are different than appointment screen shots and students who submit the same screen shots as the previous ones 14-1a to 14-1g receive a 0. Look at Chapter 3 Figure 3-34. Make sure you understand the difference
Slides 14-4a, 14-4c, 14-4e, 14-4g, 14-4i, 14-4k, 14-4m Personal Tab Screen Shots
All new source document information must be entered and you must have the Description, Guarantor, Marital Status and Employment. Basically all information given in the Source Document must be in the screen shot for the patients
Slides 14-4b, 14-4d, 14-4f, 14-4h, 14-4j, 14-4l, 14-4n Diagnosis Screen shot
Each screen shot must have the exact diagnosis that was given in the Source document for that patient. Similar diagnosis is not acceptable. Screen shots without the exact diagnosis receive a 0.
Slides 14-5a to Slides 14-5g Transaction Entry Screen Shots
Each patient must have the procedure codes listed to display along with the Date, Amount, Total and Diag 1 in each screen shots. Some patients have several procedures codes and others may only have 1. Basically the Chapter refers you to the source documents being utilized. Some patients have several source documents so read Chapters 11-14 carefully.
Slides 14-6a to Slides 14-6b Ready to Send and Sent
Slides 14-7a to Slides 14-7e, Slides 14-7g Apply Payment/Adjustment to Charges
These screen shots are different than transaction entry and students who submit transaction entry receive a 0. Make sure that you understand and know the difference. Each slide must have the following listed from the source document. Date, Charge, Remainder, Payment, Allowed and Adjustments. Some source documents provide adjustment and others do not however if it is provided you must have it in the screen shots. It is the student's responsibility to deduct the payment from the charge and get the remainder.
Slides 14-7f Deposit List
Ohio Care HMO should have all of the Insurance Payments listed from Source Documents 32-35. See Chapter 8 (pages 286-293) to learn how to do this.
Slides 14-8a to Slides 14-8b Ready to Send/Sent
This should be for Elizabeth Jones
Slides 14-9a to Slides 14-9b Patient Day Sheet
Make sure you understand the difference between Page 1 and Page 2. Page 2 should not have patients but a summary. Look at the examples in Chapter 9. The Patient Day Sheet must have patients on them and all blank screen shots receive a 0. Use the date of 12/30/2016 and if report is blank then increase your date range.
Slides 14-9c to 14-9dPractice Analysis Report
This report is for an a 3 month time range 10/01/2016-12/31/2016.  Make sure you understand the difference between Pages 1 and 2. Look at Chapter 9
Slide 14-10a Collection Agency Payment
This is a transaction entry screen shots that should display date, procedure, unit, amount, Total, Diag 1, and Payments/Adjustments and Comments.
Slide 14-10b Patient Payment
This should display date, procedure, charge, remainder and payments
Slide 14-11a Patient Aging Applied Payment
This is for the date of 12/30/2016 for the Patient Aging by Service Report
Slides 14-12a Collection Letter Report
Substitutes will not be accepted such as the Patient Collection List Report. Must use the exact report This should be for Family Care Center and have 2 patients only Sheila Giles and Jill Simmons
Slides 14-12b to 14-12c Collection Letter
The collection letter must display the dollar amount in the screen shot. A partial screen cannot receive full points. A collection letter can only be done if your payments/adjustments are correct with remainders in the slides above. Please remember that incorrect payments/adjustments will prevent students from having a collection letter. There must be a remainder for a collection letter.

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