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  • Due on: Tue 04 Nov, 2014 (12:00pm)
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I only need to complete one servlet,(UndoCheckoutRequest.java) and redesign the UndoCheckoutRequest.jsp with new html. I have started the design; the existing files needs changes and additions;


I have them commented, just need few coding to finish up.

By the time you are done, the design should be able to 

  1. Finish Undo a Checkout request****
  2. Employee Start a checking****
  3. Complete a checking(by Depot staff)****
  4. Employee reports that a tool is lost****
  5. Send a tool out for Repair (by Depot staff) **new**
  6. Report all possessions grouped and summary by employee, and by supervisor( for manager)****
  7. Report all tools Overdue (Manager) **new**
  8. Report all checkout history for a period of time(annual or quaterly)(for manager) **new**
  9. Summarize checkout activity for the last (Quarter or year)(for manager) **new**
  10. Receive a tool back from repair **new**
  11. Other necessary transaction function and reports. **new**

The ones not bold I have almost everything done, just need few adjustment. But you can as well design the ones in bold for me.



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