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Gender is often viewed as a socially constructed phenomenon that is largely determined by the society in question. This week, you read about the basic types of feminism including the waves of the feminist movement. The third wave of feminism was built upon the second wave, which paved the way for women's advancements as we know it today. However, there has also been a strong anti-feminist backlash in U.S. society. This backlash has had serious consequences on lawmaking and the harsh prosecution of women for crime.

Discuss the following:

  • The concept of this backlash from a historical perspective, as in the passage of discriminatory legislation. Consider the punitive treatment of women and minorities through legislation passed from the 1900s to the present.
  • Whether the concept of feminism is relevant today and whether there is still a need for a women's rights movement as it relates to current criminal justice issues.

approx. 350 words

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