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Apply some understanding of( family therapy) to the  following scenario: use lecture notes to help. see attached.

Debbie  is 18 years old and has come in to see a counselor because she knows that she  desperately needs help.  Debbie says that  she sleeps 14 to 15 hours a day and would probably sleep the whole day if her  mother did not wake her up to go to college. She says that she has lost  interest in everything. Her parents want her to be a doctor, but she feels that  this is not what she wants to be. Debbie prefers to be alone in her room. Her  mother constantly nags her about her laziness and sarcastically cuts her down  as a way to “motivate” her to do something with her life. Debbie has a very  strained relationship with her father who is seldom at home because he is  working two jobs. The future seems hopeless to Debbie, and she often thinks  about committing suicide, though her parents do not know this. She has thought  of cutting her wrist but has not been able to do so. She keeps hoping that she  will feel better the next day. Her counselor has diagnosed Debbie with  depression and is suggesting that in addition to Debbie’s individual counseling  the family also begin counseling sessions.

Please  respond to the following questions:

    1. Of the  three approaches to family therapy mentioned in the lecture notes this week  (Experiential, Structural and Strategic), which do you think Debbie and her  family would benefit from most? Give a detailed rationale for your choice with  supportive evidence from the case study.
    2. If you  were the therapist working with Debbie and her parents, what would you assess  as the main problem they are facing as a family? Be detailed in your response  and include all three members in your assessment. Since a family system is a  unit, all members affect each other.
    3. How  would you specifically intervene using the family therapy approach mentioned in  question 1? Suggest at least two methods or techniques from your chosen theory  that you believe would help this family toward healthier interaction. Explain  each of these methods or techniques in detail. Answer in detail.
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