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Toolspace Medspace designer

Using the attached floor plan design an emergency room focusing on the following environmental design elements:

The health care structure such as walls, doors, hallways, waiting areas, and related structural components.

Diagnostic and treatment space equipment and location

Customer service and amenities, such as the reception desk, bathroom, shower, vending machine, and so forth

Clinical support areas, such as nurse's station, charting areas, and so forth

Physician space for patient consultation, administrative offices, laundry, generator facilities, housekeeping, and so forth

Mechanical equipment, such as space for laboratory equipment, radiology equipment, gases such as oxygen, and suctions

Color and noise elements, Oklahoma regulatory requirements such as OSHA and ADA guidelines

Other elements such as IT or creative healing environmental ideas

Seperately write a 350-700 word summary including: Reason for selected floor plan, recommendations or suggestions for completing the floor plan differently-what would you do differently next time? URL for completed floor plan.  Formatted consistent with APA guidelines.

I will give required URL number for Toolwire Medspace Designer 


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