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To begin your case analysis:

  • Name the case you chose, citing the source and page number where it can be found in the textbook in MLA format.
  • Outline what the main facts of the case are in narrative format.
  • Discuss the context, history and general background to this sort of case. Here you are encouraged to add extra research. Raise issues that any ethical consultant should be aware of when dealing with this "type" of case.
  • Within your assigned ethical theory for this case, further choose a subset of that theory (i.e for consequentialism you may choose to be an act utilitarian; or for virtue ethics you might choose to be a Aristotlian virtue ethicist), and describe the main aspects of this theory.
  • Repeat the specific question(s) you were given from the textbook about that case. You may add extra questions of your own here.
  • Make your proposed solutions to each answer as one that an ethical consultant employing your assigned ethical theory would propose. Show how that solution would be better than any other possible solution. (Remember that this is play acting, and your own personal ethical opinion need not be stated. What is important is demonstrating how your answers are consistent with your chosen ethical theory.)
  • End by giving recommendations, consistent to your given ethical theory, on how each person associated with this case should act individually going forward. Then comment, consistent to your given ethical theory, on the "larger implications" of your recommendations for cases of this type.

After posting one initial post with the case study analysis and solution above, review the case studies submitted by two other students by the end of the instructional week. Read the case study they are commenting on. Do you agree with their solution? Why/why not? End with a critical question for that student based on their answer.

Finally, before the end of the instructional week, answer any questions or issues posted to you by other students or the instructor on your case study.

This assignment is designed to demonstrate your complete mastery of the given ethical theory based on your studies in previous weeks. Also, this assignment is meant to introduce you to the "case study method" that ethicists typically utilize to report on and analyze a case.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria:
Maximum Points
Completed case study analysis presented, utilizing clear logic, argumentation, and critical thinking.
Applied the assigned ethical theory to the case.
Proposed a solution to the case, utilizing critical thinking and adequate argumentation.
Included and proper usage of key terms and vocabulary related to topic.
Utilized scholarly resources, correctly cited.
Responded to at least two other students, adding new research, further insights, and ending with a critical question for that student. Adequately answered any questions asked of you by professor and/or peers by end of week.
Demonstrated proper grammar/language and formatting.
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