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This week's portion, the final paper, is due on Thursday, July 17, 2014. Here you are to submit the final version of your paper of at least 1250 words (not including title and reference notes). The final should be revised and edited based on the comments and feedback you received on your draft paper, as well as your ongoing research and reading into your subject. The final paper should have these parts:

  1. An introduction, which includes a thesis sentence, a description of what the essay is about, along with a description of how exactly you will go about discussing the issues of the essay.
  2. The body of the text where you look at the key issues of your topic, compare and contrast differing arguments on the topic, demonstrate your mastery of your research sources (paraphrasing, quoting and citing them), and utilize the key terms you defined in Part #1 of the essay in Week 2. Here you are encouraged to state your preferred viewpoint [i.e., Consequentialist (Utilitarian) Ethicist, Nonconsequentialist (Rational) Ethicist, Virtue Ethicist, etc. or some combination of the different positions we studied] and how that viewpoint will impact on your approach to the material.
  3. A conclusion that summarizes your argument and considers the wider issues at stake.
  4. A numbered reference list of your reference sources in MLA format (as previously given in Part #1).

Attach your final paper to your initial posting as either a Word document (.doc, .docx) or in Rich Text Format (.rtf). Also, please cut and paste the entire text of the essay into the message box of your posting, adjusting formatting for legibility. Leave a full line space between paragraphs. Convert your text to .txt before cutting and pasting for ease of formatting.

After posting one initial post with the information above, review the final essays submitted by two other students by the end of the instructional week. Comment on the content, arguments, logic, use of terminology, as well as formatting and grammar/spelling. End with a critical question for that student based on their essay.

Finally, before the end of the instructional week, answer any comments, questions or issues posted to you by other students or the instructor on your topic.


I think you are off to a great start here. When writing an introduction, we need the following:

This is what you will be graded on for the final draft:

We are aiming for a traditional, scholarly research paper written in the proper format in 3rd person. Please follow the structure below. Also note that these changes are not due until week 6 (final draft of paper).

How to develop the intro:

1. a catchy opening to capture your reader's attention - quote, shocking statistic, interesting story

2. a brief discussion of your topic

3. an outline and summary of the main arguments for/against

4. a thesis statement that states your position and why you believe what you do - this should include the ethical theory/theories you will use to evaluate the arguments

A summary can be approached by stating "proponents state...while opponents say..."

I think you have a very nice start on the body of the paper and can use a lot of the info there to shape it into a persuasive body by doing the following.

How to develop the body of the paper:

1. State your argument in a topic sentence

2. Discuss your argument                   

3. Give evidence to support your argument

4. Discuss the evidence

5. State the opposing argument

6. Give a rebuttal to the opposing argument

7. State your conclusions about this discussion

8. Transition into your next argument

9. Repeat for each argument

Following this format will help draw the arguments out and will help you make sure you have developed all the details needed for a persuasive paper.

Your last paragraph should be your conclusion - a summary of the arguments you made. A conclusion does not bring in new ideas.

You will want to weave your ethical theory in throughout your paper.

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