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Actual Assignment: For your assignment you will write a paper of not more than 2000 words (The idea is to make you think through this more than once) that does the following:

1. Provides an introduction as to why in the age of globalization incorporating Social Responsibility(Dimension 1) into Organizational Operations (Dimension 2) and Ethics (Dimension 3) is required not optional

2. Compare and contrast at least two ethical perspectives (theories) that can be linked to one of the three dimensions above.

3. Explain which one of these perspectives serves the organization best and explain why,including 3 supporting features of that perspective  4. Explain why and how the Social Responsibility Program needs to be driven down to the employee level and explain in detail how buy in from employees are to be gotten

5. Provide a conclusion that explains how the company will benefit in terms of its sustainability (its continued ability to survive and flourish) by deploying this Social Responsibility Program.


You have been selected by the CEO of your firm to research how the company can begin to incorporate Social Responsibility into its core principles and then make sure from the core it expands out into every function and operation of the company. You will not be charged with the actual action steps but how to communicate the need and intent of this transformation and how thought patterns and behaviors will need to change. You will also need to be able to explain why this must be done now and what the enduring value of this transformation will be to everyone involved with the organization.

To help you get some ideas I have provided a list of videos located in the multimedia library section of the OLS library. Just cut and paste the titles in below and you should find the videos.

Challenges Of CSR To Management Teams

Alternative Energy And Social Responsibility

The Connection Between Personal And Moral Integrity

Getting Senior Management To Extend The Boundaries Of Accountability

CSR From A Board Room Point Of View

Tests Of Corporate Social Responsibility

Being A Responsible Business In A Changing World

Social Justice Can Require You To Push The Envelope

Making Business Ethics Part Of Your DNA

The Relationship Between Societal And Shareholder Expectations

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