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Carfully read the collection The French Revolution and Human Rights by Lynn Hunt. Write a paper that adheres to the following guidlings:

  • has a clear thesis statement and logical organization
  • containts 5-10 specific references to different primary sources (with author names/page numbers in parentheses)
  • is 3-4 pages long (do not "space down" after the heading)
  • is double spaced with one inch margins
  • 12 point type

Choose one of the following options:

1. Women never gained full political rights during the French Revolution, although they gained many civil rights. Why were women perceived as different from men? What did women have to say about this question?

2.Discuss the role of religion during the French Revolution. What kind of debates did revolutionaries have over the place of religion in France? What were the results?

3.The society of the Friends of Blacks led the abolitionist cause in France after 1788. Why did their positions on slavery and the slave trade change over time? How did the revolutionary government react to the 1791 slave uprising in Saint Domingue (Haiti)?


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