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Find a Web site of one interest group-- you are welcome to choose any interest group you like, as long as it isn't one of the interest groups we discussed in class (AARP, NRA, PETA, MADD).

You are to compare your Web site to these two Web sites:

The American Medical Association

Consumer Watchdog

You will then write a 250-word in-class essay that compares and contrasts the three Web sites-- this comparison is based only on the first page of each Web site. Your essay must provide a summary of each Web site, and a comparison of all three--how are they different, how are they similar, and which one, in your opinion, does the best job of presenting political issues, and why? The essay must include three major concepts that have been discussed in class (including the 3 Ms)--and your essay must clearly explain why each concept relates to the article.

* Your essay includes the link to the Web site of the interest group you selected (no points will be awarded for this activity is the link is not provided);                                   

*  The essay is at least 250 words long (no points will be awarded for this activity if the essay is shorter); 
* Your essay includes summaries of each Web site (0-5 points); 
* Your essay includes a comparison of all three Web sites (0-10 points); 
* Your essay includes and clearly relates three of the following major concepts (Federalism, the Constitution, due process, Election, voting, Racism, Hate Crime, Debates, Electoral College)

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