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Essay 3 – Argumentation with Rebuttal

Topic:  Choose the topic you wish to "Argue" but you must also present the opposing position and rebut/refute it.

Sources required: 4 minimum.  More allowed.  Citation, of course, is required.  Failure to cite can result in a plagiarism charge,  Failure to include a works cited page will cost you 10 points

Send Essay to Partner for Peer Review: 11/7 by 11:59 PM

Return Peer Review to partner and send copy to me: 11/9 by 11:59 PM

Final version of Essay due: 11/10 by 11:59 PM

Length: 900 words minimum in 12 point Times New Roman font.  Shorter essays will lose points.

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The Adverse Effects of Using Technology in Monitoring Toddlers
$18.00 Languages, English Bilbo 1 time(s)
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