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Essay about an issue involving US elections or voting:


You are to find one article from each of two magazines or newspaper articles that deal with the same story. Remember, it has to be the same story (The article must deal with an issue that covers US elections or voting) --the idea here is that you want to compare how each newspaper handles the same story. 

You are to write a 400-word essay on the article. Your essay must include a summary of what the articles say (in your own words), and include an explanation of three major ideas that are in the article that relate to the Federal government other than bias. In addition, it must include a comparison of how the two newspapers covered the story. This comparison should include any sources of bias (where the story is located in the paper, how long it is, the use of opinions in the article, differences in information that each story contains, who owns the newspaper, etc.), and your evaluation--which article covered the story better, and why?

The essay must include the following:

* URL of the articles
* The essay is at least 400 words long  
* must include summary that includes three major class concepts other than bias. (0-5 points); 
* Each of the three major ideas you raise thoroughly explains the relationship of the article to US elections or votin

* must include comparison of the two stories using two concepts from class and an evaluation of possible sources of bias. (Federalism, the Constitution, due process, Election, voting, Racism, Hate Crime, Debates, Electoral College)

* Your essay includes an evaluation of which article covered the story better, which includes a discussion of the facts one story covered that the other didn't.

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