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Writing my paper on Energy Efficiency. Due 4/28. HAS to be 4-6 pages with credible sources. I have my outline attached but it can be altered. Any questions just let me know. Sources must be cited as well. Thanks


Term Paper – due April 28th
The term paper is a 4-6 page research paper intended to demonstrate that you are capable of locating credible,
legitimate sources of information, synthesizing information from those sources into a cohesive narrative, and
then using that information to support an argument on a topic of your choice.
No later than Feb. 14th, each student should pick an environmental topic of interest to them and run it by me to
make sure it’s acceptable. Failure to submit a topic by this deadline will result in a 5 point penalty on your term
paper grade. Each subsequent week that you don’t turn in a topic will result in additional 5 point penalties. No
more than 4 students will be allowed to choose the same topic, so if the topic you’re interested in is likely to be
popular (i.e. global warming, invasive species, electric cars, etc), I suggest you pick your topic early! I plan to
be flexible on the topics I will allow. The only criteria is that they must be related to the environment. If you
are having trouble thinking of a topic, I will be happy to help you select one.
An outline of your term paper showing the specific topics to be covered and the sources you will be using will
be due by March 28th. Please note: WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A SOURCE. Neither are blogs or personal webpages.
Only legitimate sources will be accepted (scientific journals, major news outlets, government reports, etc). A
minimum of five legitimate sources will be required. If you need help finding legitimate sources for your term
paper, you can contact Aaron Wimer (awimer@spsu.edu) at the library. Failure to turn in the outline on time
will result in a 10 point penalty on your grade. Each subsequent week that you don’t turn in your outline will
result in additional 10 point penalties.
This term paper counts for 10% of your total grade in the course. I urge you to take it seriously and not wait
until the last minute to start working on it. The term paper will be submitted through D2L and checked with the
Turn It In plagiarism filter which automatically searches the internet to match phrases and sentences from your
paper with source material available online. If you copy material from the internet, the system will identify that
and report it to me. Please remember that plagiarism is a violation of the Honor Code and can result in
serious penalties, including a permanent record on your transcript.

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