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Some writers and philosophers have argued (in a philosophy or world view known as Existentialism) that the fundamental condition of human beings in the twentieth century is a sense of disorientation and alienation (i.e., confusion; estrangement; disillusionment) from a seemingly meaningless or irrational world. Arguably, all of the twentieth century texts listed below reflect this theme of disaffection—though in very different ways. Some present the result and repercussions of such a condition; others demonstrate the process of the protagonist’s growing awareness. Some characters’ estrangement arises from political conditions; others’ isolation is more personal.

For your third and final paper, you are to write a thesis-driven essay that argues for or against the assertion that alienation is the condition of modern humans. You will select two works from the list below and, using textual evidence from both works, construct an argument and essay that make a case about how characters in two different texts inhabit (or do not) the modern condition. The texts will provide you with the examples that your essay will read closely and interpret; in your essay, you will draw insight from those examples that will illuminate and make your case. Please note that your argument will arise from and be supported by the texts you choose and by your close reading of the textual evidence—an essay supported by personal opinion or by unsupported assertions will not be successful nor adhere to the conventions of academic, literary analysis.


Moreover, this is a thesis-driven essay, not a compare-contrast essay. Although you are using two texts, you are making only one argument. The same argument must apply to both texts. Your quotations must be cited correctly and completely, using MLA format. In this essay, you will demonstrate your ability to detect and examine a single theme in two literary texts. Furthermore, you need to put the two texts into conversation with one another in the essay. The essay should not proceed by focusing entirely on one text and then entirely on the second text. In other words, an essay that discusses one work and stops, then moves on to the second will be unsuccessful.


Select two works from the following:


Anne Moody, Coming of Age in Mississippi

Alice Walker, “Everyday Use”

Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis

T. S. Eliot, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”

One of the three stories from The Slate of Life






Important Components of your Essay:


1)         Make sure you have a clear thesis, which makes an argument (not a                               summary) about the text

2)         Make sure to back up your argument with evidence (details and quotations) from the text

3)         Make sure to close-read that evidence, and tie your reading into your thesis argument

4)         VERY IMPORTANT: pay attention to the information that will be provided in Ms. Nathanael’s “Writing Workshop II” (scheduled for October 14) for detailed information about how to structure an essay focused on multiple texts


Paper Requirements:


-Paper must include the academic honesty statement at the top of the first page

-Paper must be a minimum of 1300 words in length, not including the heading/title page and the works cited page. A paper under the required word count will receive an immediate 25% deduction. For this essay, that means 5 points.

-Paper must have an interesting and original title

-Paper must offer a clear argument (not just a summary)

-Paper must provide close reading analysis of at least one passage from each of the two primary texts

-Paper must include a works cited page

-Paper must be typed, double-spaced, written in 12-point Times or Times New Roman font, and formatted according to standard MLA style

-Paper file name must conform to the following: essay3lastnamefirstname.

For example, if your name is John Doe, your file name would be: essay3doejohn



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