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English 101

Argumentative Research Paper Instructions

Thesis Statement

Stem Cell research has the potential to make an enormous positive impact on the medical community; therefore federal funding should be granted in order to make significant advances in research.


You will need 3 sources for this paper

  • You will have one source that will demonstrate one type of rhetoric: ethos, pathos, and logos. 
  • You will have a total of three sources that each demonstrate one different piece of rhetoric.
  • The three sources should directly support your thesis. 
  • One ethos support; one pathos support and logos support is required for this upcoming paper. 



You must have a minimum of six roman numerals (paragraphs) but you may have more. I will ask you to resubmit if not MLA format. Grading: follows direction and skeleton of paper is apparent. 

  1. Claim 
  2. Support
  3. Support
  4. Support
  5. Counter Argument
  6. Rebuttal (Rebuttal can be included with the counter argument paragraph or as a stand alone paragraph)
  7. Conclusion 


Part 2. Explain the counter-argument you plan to use in your essay. You are welcome to write in third person, formal, if you feel like this maybe your actual paragraph you will insert into your essay. I am grading for demonstrates understanding and completion. 


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