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Discussion One 
Jamie Keeton
Basic Composition Skills ENG 002
Professor Kasper 

Upon reviewing the materials for this class, I feel I will do well in this course because I have an open mind, welcome constructive criticism,  I am always willing to learn and I have great organizational skills.  I believe that I always have room for improvement on everything I do and the feedback by my peers as well as my professor will guide me to do my best.  The organizational skills that I have are one of my strong qualities.  Having this will ensure that I complete all assignments in a timely matter when they are due based on the deadlines set.  I work hard on everything I do as well as dedicate myself to the task that is given to me.  When I am dedicated to something it sets everything in motion for all I am suppose to do or complete.  I welcome all the personal growth and challenges I will achieve during this course.  Let the learning begin and the mind grow.(  Brian Mingus
Basic Composition Skills
Week 1 Discussion, initial posting

Even though I have not as yet had the opportunity to read the assigned material for the first week of Basic Composition Skills, I believe that I will earn a satisfactory grade to pass this course because I not only have some writing experience, I also have the determination to graduate college with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. I have been writing poetry since the fourth grade, which gives me an edge when it comes to creative writing. I also have completed college courses in American Literature, Psychology, and Evolution; each of which required me to not only write effective essays, but also to be self-reflective as well. My current employment requires me to respond professionally to dozens of email each day, which gives me a lot of practice when it comes to writing correctly and effectively. I will celebrate my 51st birthday in just under 2 months from now, and I will do whatever needs to be done in order to fulfill the commitment that I made to myself: I will graduate college. You can take that to the bank)

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