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Discussion Posting for Week 1

Week 1 Discussion Posting: How Do You Think You Will Do in This Class and Why?

 Write a paragraph about how you think you will do in this class and why.

Consider completing some prewriting to help you answer this question. After you have written your draft of your paragraph, post it by Thursday at midnight. Then, between Thursday and Saturday, respond constructively to two classmates. By Sunday at midnight, check the peer review comments from your classmates, revise your paragraph, and post your final version under the heading "final paragraph." This is the version I will grade.

When you respond to your classmates, focus on the elements I am grading for. Do they have a topic sentence? Does the topic sentence answer the prompt (see underlining above)? Are they supporting that topic sentence? Do they offers examples? Do they have a clincher, or closing statement?

Remember: your paragraph should have a topic sentence, numerous supporting sentences, examples to support your point, and a clincher.


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ENG002 Week One Discussion
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