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Writing Assignment – Due Dec 12, 2017 @ 10pm EST. ($25)


Employment Paper



Imagine you are an administrator for the government employment office of the State of Abundance, and you just attended a seminar on business anti-discrimination issues.


Detail: Write a report of approximately 1,250–1,500 words to the Governor discussing the major issues to be considered in avoiding discrimination in state employment.


Address the following in your paper

  • In what situations may the State require previous training or a degree as a condition for employment?
  • In what situations may the State require tests as a condition for employment or promotion
  • In what situations may the State set physical requirements or gender requirements as a condition of employment?
  • How does disparate-impact discrimination occur and how can the State protect itself against creating such discrimination in its employment practices as well as successfully defend itself in a disparate-impact case?  Please use the IRAC methodology to show the reasoning behind your answers to the questions

Provide a minimum of 5 references.


Format – APA Format

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