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Eastern Financial Company recently experienced a corporate restructuring. Because some new jobs were added and some old jobs eliminated, many job responsibilities changed. HR hired an Organizational Development (OD) consultant, Joe, to help moderate the various changes in the corporate structure.

Because of the restructuring, the selection criteria used in the past needed to be updated. Joe recommended additional selection measures and planned to conduct some validation studies of the old and new selection criteria. Depending on the results of these validation studies, he recommended eliminating or revising some of the selection methods used.

How would Joe determine the base rate of successful employees at the company?

Based on your view of predictive validity, how do you think Joe would demonstrate that the old and new selection criteria at Eastern Financial Company predict job performance after the corporate restructuring? What steps would Joe need to take to do this?

Based on your view of concurrent validity, when would it be useful to study the concurrent validity of a measure? Should Joe try to demonstrate concurrent validity?

When restructuring, what does Joe need to keep in mind in order to avoid charges of discrimination when employees are settled into new positions?

For this paper it is required to cite, at a minimum, of 2 Scholarly sources. Additional, non-scholarly sources from reputable Web and print sources are also acceptable. For reputable Web sources, look for .org, .net, or .edu sites as opposed to .com sites. Avoid Wikipedia.

Follow  Criteria Completely as listed below 
Explained how to determine the base rate of successful employees.
Explained how old and new selection criteria predict performance.
Detailed steps taken to demonstrate how old and new selection criteria predicted performance.
Justified when concurrent validity should be studied.
Demonstrated understanding of how selection criteria can be used to avoid discriminatory hiring practices.
Organization, usage and mechanics: Introduction, transitions, and conclusion; grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.
APA Elements: In text citations and references, paraphrasing, and appropriate use of quotations and other elements of style (such as tone, audience, and word choice).  
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