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Imagine you are a teacher in your local public school district. Design a presentation for either your peers (school staff and teachers) or your students that addresses the predominant prejudices, as they relate specifically to E.L.L.’s, in your school/community. In your presentation:

  1. Identify the prejudices and how they affect the school/community.
  2. Offer suggestions for reducing those prejudices and improving the school's culture.    
    • Include a written "Notes" section (or an Appendix, etc.) that includes a complete and cohesive summary of the ideas and key points presented above.
  3. Reference at least two scholarly resources in addition to the course text (minimum of three sources, in total) to support your points.
  4. Include at least four images, graphics, or multimedia resources which enhance the presentation (Be mindful of copyrights.).

Be creative! You can produce a document, you can create a video, a PowerPoint, a lesson, or you can come up with your own way to meet the requirements and demonstrate your understanding. Whatever you choose to create, provide access to your instructor by uploading all the necessary links and/or text in a document.  If you would like to share your completed assignment with your classmates, upload your document to the Doc Sharing section at the top of the classroom. There is not page or length requirement as that will limit your creativity. In whatever you create, make sure you have addressed all the required topics listed above. Provide the proper A.P.A. citation for any sources that you use, and include a title page and reference page(s).

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