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Facebook has over 5 billion pieces of content shared on a weekly basis and 3 billion photo uploads per month, 400 million active users can’t be wrong. Do you tweet? 20 million unique visitors used Twitter in December 2009. How can new media help you promote your business?

MAIN DISCUSSION POST: Due by Sunday Research website security using your text, online internet periodicals, or articles from the full-text databases in the library:

  • How can you use the social media giant, Facebook? Is your competition using it? Can you use it for Data Capture?
  • Does your target market follow Twitter? Can you use the microsite to market your site? How? Do your competitors tweet?
  • What about iPhone Apps, PodCasts, YouTube Videos? Are they a good fit for your target market? Do you competitors use them? What about up and coming applications? Would you use any of them?
  • What do your competitor sites look like? Would you include blogs, stories, videos on your site?
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