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You are going to make a fictitious corporate site or portal.Please copy the design of http://facultyportal.babson.edu or studentportal.babson.edu although the panel layout can differ.The site must include use of the panels module, the views module, the nice menus module, and views slideshow modules. You will need one view using views slideshow and one view as a standard block or page.You should have a number of fictitious blogsand then a block on the home page listing just the blog titles.

The final project will require you to have one custom module which creates a page programmatically. The page must use custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.You must also create a block programmatically.You must demonstrate use of the db_query function in Drupal making at least 1 sql query.

You must use some php in your custom modules of course.In demonstrating your knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP the more you can show me the easier it will be to grade you as proficient, so feel free to show off. The module's function / output can be serious or humorous, but must be rated PG.For extra credit and a wow factor which will definitely help up your grade use functions like node_save, use global $user;
Read through my blog posts and others on the internet. You can get an A without showing off but it may be hard for me not to give a person an A who does so :)

I will consider it a great success of the course if you have learned to learn in the Drupal space and you have enough knowledge post-course to grow on your own, you will be awarded extra points for showing yourself a Drupal rock star.

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Drupal Website :NBA
$200.00 Computer Science, Algebra jordanblink 1 time(s)
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