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Harry Potter's fnal review paragraph . Here's the peer reviews to my draft paragraph. The first one will be from the instructor and the other two from classmates.

You have explained your views on the limits on parental interference on materials in schools and explained your views on censorship.  I agree that discussion of materials being read and studied helps clarify children's thoughts on the ideas in these books.  Unfortunately, fewer people read, and fewer people have time to discuss books within the family.

Thank you for your posting.

Instructor Elizabeth Isenkul 


2.Great post! While our ideas are very contradicting, you have pulled your paragraph together with some interesting debatable ideas to support your thesis. I will agree that sometimes, parents do go over board "protecting" their children. The layout and support of your paragraph is great! I suggest just a quick revision of your sentences to ensure that they are laid out correctly, otherwise what an awesome read!


3. I agree with your stance that parents should not be able to demand a ban any book. I am not sure I would also agree that by making a big deal to censor the book makes it more popular. It peaks peoples curiosity and makes them want to read it more. It's like that saying any publicity is good publicity.

Be sure to revise according to their reviews








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