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1. I awoke to a sound I could not identify.  It shook me awake and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  “What’s that?” asked my wife.  Feeling the knot in my throat I pushed out a reply back to her, “Don’t know”.  At that point the rise in fear kicked me into response.  I quickly grabbed my 45 caliber pistol, and lowered the safety.  With one hand holding the weapon and pointing towards the bedroom’s door and the front house door, I grabbed my cell phone with the other and whispered as loudly as I could to my wife “Get in the closet now!”  Instantly she got in and then I put my body in front of her to protect her.  With my other hand I dialed 911, noticing that the adrenaline was shortening my breath.  The operator answered “911 what is your emergency?”  Once again I had to fight for words and also to see properly, as my vision became tunnel like, as though I had blinders on.  “I think someone is trying to kick the door into my home, and I am armed” The operator responded quickly, “I’m sending a unit over to your house”.  I couldn’t believe the way my body reacted to stress, even sentences were a challenge to produce.  All that mattered was that my pistol was pointed towards me perceived threat and that my wife was behind me for cover.  The patrol car arrived several minutes later, at which point the operator instructed me to come out of the house but with the weapon put away.  I did more than that, as I removed the round and the magazine and even disassembled the slide.  We ran out the house as we saw the police arrive.  They tried to calm us but they could see the stress in us.  The two entered the home and made sure there was no one in side.  When they came out, we finally calmed down and asked them what that sound could have been.  “To be honest we have kids running around at night kicking in doors and running away to scare the owners, it must have been that” I put my arm around my wife, just being thankful nothing bad happened.  The officers thanked us for calling and then left.  The night became quiet and peaceful again.  It took some time before we could sleep again but it was a story that we both shared many years later, laughing it off and being glad it turned out all right.


2. I awoke to a sound that could not identify. It was a loud noise that would woke up any body out of their deep sleep. Again a crash, what could it be everyone else is asleep. So I get up while stumbling in the darkness to find my shoes to investigate where this crashes are coming from. As I made my way down the dark hallway I hear nothing but silent. I check the kitchen not a sound; I check the living room still quiet. I check the alarm to make sure it was still turned on and it was still shining the bright red color showing it was armored. So what could be making that noise I said to myself, then I hear it again coming from my daughters room so I go into the room to find my daughters sleep but my youngest daughter has gone to sleep with her full tea set in bed and as she turned in her sleep she was knocking them off. So I took the rest of the tea set of her bed and put it away and went back to bed to get some more rest.


3. I awoke to a sound I could not identify. As I pushed myself up from the ground to sit up, I recognized the sound. The sound consisted of explosions, bullets whistling, and bones cracking. I quickly realized, our base was under attack, and my partner was gone. So, I picked up my gun and began my search. After killing about 20 or so people, I saw no allies in sight, I was alone in this battle. I fought for what seemed like an eternity, suddenly I awaken again! My brother was screaming at me "GET UP THE HOUSE IN ON FIRE"! I then began to search for an exit, I replied to my brother "The only exit is the three story window". He replied "with a head nod gesture" as we approach the window, we realized the jump was near fatal. We opened the window with flames at our backs I began to hesitate. My brother out anger said "JUMP"! I replied "We could die"! He then replied "We can die either way"! In one swooping action he grabbed and jumped out of the window. As we fell he enveloped me taking the blow of hitting the ground, I went unconscious. When I awoke for the third time, I was told by authorities my brother had died. At that moment, I realized what my dream meant! The explosions was the house being on fire, the bullets whistling was the wood flying through the air, and the bones cracking was my brother saving me. I began to go into shock falling unconscious, waking up to me typing this story to you.

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