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 For this response:  Imagine that your classmate is a testifying to the New Jersey legislative committee hearing the bill.  Your task is to recommend how your classmate should structure their testimony and what major points they should cover.  

Format of post:  Your post should be 1-2 full paragraphs in length with appropriate references as needed. 


How would you respond to your peers post below?

I am lobbying for a health care provider group that is in support of the New Jersey Bill No. 5399 which would allow minors aged 14 and up the right to consent for vaccinations. Informing the community about the importance of immunizations is crucial for the health of society as a whole.  I recommend using the media advocacy strategy and incorporating coalitions. According to the provided article by Sana Loue, “Media advocacy, one of the most common advocacy strategies used to advocate on health related issues requires the identification of issues and concerns related to the community wellbeing, an emphasis on the broader context of those concerns, the maintenance of media attention to those concerns, and the provision of ‘entertainment’ to the audience hearing those concern” (2006).  

This strategy would be beneficial for the target audience; both the teenagers and parents. Most people now use internet-based media as a source for news and information. According to an article from Common Sense Media, “As of 2012, three-quarters of all teenagers reported having a profile on a social-networking site” (2014). Accurate informative and research posted on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms could be used to display the facts and to spread community awareness of the proposed bill.  The development of coalitions composed of community members and health care provider organizations that share similar beliefs would influence voting for the proposed bill.


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