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Each DQ must be 200-300 words:

  • Define the pretrial process. How does the pretrial process work? How can you improve the overall proceedings of the pretrial process?


  • What is pretrial detention? How does pretrial detention relate to bail? Compare the criteria for bail.


  • What is a preliminary examination? What is the relationship between a preliminary examination and the role of a grand jury? How does a preliminary examination apply to individual rights in the criminal justice system? Explain.


  • Provide an example of constitutional rights. How can you ensure that constitutional rights are upheld within your society? What recommendations would you suggest to strengthen certain constitutional rights?


  • What is a jury? How does the jury’s role influence the overall outcome of the trial process? What suggestions would you make to ensure that juries are properly instructed and receive clear information? Explain.
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CJA 364 Week 5 DQ's 1,2,3,4 and 5 (***** 6 Pages + APA Format + References *****)
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