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200-300 words:Define the Fourth Amendment. What is the relationship of common law as it applies to the Fourth Amendment? What would happen if the Fourth Amendment did not exist? Explain. Should the Fourth Amendment be modified? Why or why not?


200-300 words: What is the exclusionary rule? What are the exceptions of the rule? How does the exclusionary rule apply to criminal procedure within the criminal justice system? Describe the criteria, including the rationale, on which the exclusionary rule was based.


200-300 words: Provide an example of the exclusionary rule.. What distinctions can be made between the exclusionary rule and alternative remedies? What recommendations would you suggest regarding alternative remedies to the exclusionary rule? Should the exclusionary rule be abolished? Why or why not?

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CJA 364 Week 2 DQ’s 1,2 and 3 (***** 4 Pages + APA Format + References *****)
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