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Read:  The 3 articles under necessary materials and NJ Assembly Bill 5399

 For your original post:  Based on the New Jersey Assembly bill 5399, assume that you are a lobbyist for one of the following groups.  The group you represent would like you to weigh in on the New Jersey bill.  They have asked you to provide one to two paragraphs explaining the advocacy strategy that you recommend they take with respect to this bill.

 Pick which group you represent:

Child health care group

Parent organization, or

Health care provider group

 1) Who are you lobbying for?

2) Is the organization you represent in support of or against the New Jersey bill?

3) What advocacy strategy do you recommend?


            Format of post:  Your post should be 1-2 full paragraphs in length with appropriate references as needed.  Use a subject line that succinctly summarizes your post and informs readers of your position. 

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