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I agree that it is hard to make a decision about the behavior in this story. You have given a good example of your own experience. It seems you were stood up two times even though you had an appointment.  Power is indeed a game that average people have to deal with many times in interactions with others.  Why do you think the person broke the appointment two times?  What was going on that he abused his power?

Instructor Elizabeth Isenkul


2.I agree, people often assume things about a person; before actually knowing them. This is something in life, everyone messes no matter how respectful you are. People are easily offended, or turned off by people responses.

Great Post,
Justus Parker



I can understand how frustrating it must be to have a superior stand you up not just once, but twice.  I could understand a scheduling hiccup once, but if a superior promises to right a perceived wrong, then he or she should follow through. 

Very Respectfully,

Shad Bowling

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