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Section 11.1: #10

How many different Boolean functions are there of degree 7?

Section 11.2: #2

Find the sum-of-products expansion of these Boolean functions.

a) F(x,y) = 1

b) F(x,y) = 2

c) F(x,y) = 1

d) F(x,y) = 3

Section 12.4: #2

Describe in words the strings in each of these regular sets.

a) 001*

b) (01)*

c) 01U001*

Section 12.4: #4

Determine whether 1011 belongs to each of these regular sets.

a) 10*1*

b) 0*(10U11)*

c) 1(01)*1*

Section 12.4: #6

Express each of these sets using a regular expression.

a) the set containing all strings with 0, 1, or 2 bits

b) the set of strings of two 0’s, followed by 0 or more 1’s, and ending with a zero

c) the set of strings with every 1 followed by two 0’s

d) the set of strings ending in 00 and not containing 11

e) the set of strings containing an even number of 1’s

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