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In each diagram analysis, explain three scientific concepts from the current week’s course material by concisely defining each concept and then describing how it relates to an image in four to five sentencesfor each concept.  The image is chosen by the student from visual media (comics, television, film, etc.).  The concepts are chosen from the list of acceptable concepts provided in the assignment (see below!).  The explanations must be your own original work. 

Notations on the image illustrating the chosen concepts, or related concepts, are required. 

Example diagrams, a blank template, and a list of acceptable concepts are available for download to the right of these instructions.  DO NOT USE ANY PART OF THE EXAMPLES DIAGRAMS AS YOUR OWN.  DO NOT USE SCIENCE DIAGRAMS AS IMAGES.  The purporse of the assignment is for you to identify the science concepts in the image, not to use images where this has already been done for you. The source of the image must be clearly cited on the diagram.  Examples of appropriate APA citations can be found here: http://www.projectapa.info/audiovisual-media.html



the blank template is included, with the cncepts to choose from and an example. I wil be doing one of these for four weeks each week. if you do this one well will us you for the remainder assingments. 

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