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  1. When I was young, my mother used to take us to the store on Saturdays.  I can remember how excited I would get about going downtown.  There were big, colorful cars everywhere and people walking all over the sidewalk.  You can hear the noise of cars riding by, horns honking and people saying hello to one another from across the street.  My favorite store to visit was Belk.  I loved to look at all the beautiful dresses and shoes.  I would take my favorite ones and  drape them over me in front of the mirror.  I felt like a princess at the ball.  Then we would stop by the drug store and mom would buy me and my sister candy for behaving while she took care of her errands.  I always loved to get bubble gum because it was sweet and chewy, but also because it lasted longest.  Then we'd go home and sit around in our room talking about all the fun we had that day.
  2. 2. When washing a load of white clothes the first thing that you should do is make sure that you have white clothing only in your load.  Next, run hot water into your washing machine.  Once the machine is filled, add a full cup of the washing powder or liquid of your choice.  Close the machine top and let the machine run for about 10 seconds to mix the detergent evenly into the water.  Now, you will add your clothing to the water, holding the items up length-wise and then laying them down circularly into the water.  Push the clothing down into the water as needed.  Once all of your clothes are in the water, close the top.  After the clothing have washed for about 5 minutes, stop the machine, lift the top and add one cup of chlorine bleach the water.  Close the top back and allow the clothing to wash til the end of the cycle
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