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Hi.  This is the problem.  I've attached the calculations I started with but I'm all wrong.  I need help.
Zeus Computer Chips, Inc., used to have major contracts to produce the Centrino-type chips.
The market has been declining during the past three years because of the dual-core chips, which
it cannot produce, so Zeus has the unpleasant task of forecasting next year. The task is unpleasant
because the firm has not been able to find replacement chips for its product lines. Here is
demand over the past 12 quarters:
  2007 2008 2009
I 4,800 3,500 3,200
II 3,500 2,700 2,100
III 4,300 3,500 2,700
IV 3,000 2,400 1,700
Use the decomposition technique to forecast the four quarters of 2010.
Week 4 - Monica's Part.xlsx
Week 4 - Monica...
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