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Show a SQL Query and screenshot your results in a Word document to submit to your instructor. There will be 4 results with explanations required for this assignment.

Part 1
1. Please download, unzip, and open this zip file of the MS Access Customer Service Database.
2. Save your database.
3. You should now be able to use MS Access and the database created to complete the assignment.

Part 2
1. Add 10 customers to the database using the "Customers" table.
2. Using SQL query, update one customer. Show before and after data as well as the SQL Code.
3. Add an eleventh customer and then delete them with a SQL Query, Show before and after data as well as the SQL Code.
4. Write a report showing your customers identify the primary key in the table you are reporting on. Show the results of your Report via a screen shot.
5. Upload a copy of the database using “Customer Service” and student First and Last name as the file name.

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Database – SQL query
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