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Each of the two types of crimes have similarities and differences:

1.      Fraud

2.      Counterfeiting


Research and produce 1–3 slides of statistical information concerning the overall scope of each crime category either nationally or world-wide.

Research and produce 2–4 slides that summarizes two specific crimes that have occurred within each category. Provide facts concerning the cases.


This would include the who, what, when, where, and why of these crimes. In addition to this, include any other details, such as the number of computer(s) or people involved, or how long it took for investigators to solve and prosecute the parties involved. Discuss any financial penalties or criminal sentencing that was imposed.

 Although technically a crime, some violations may be referred to as an administrative violation.  This type involves fines. There are some actions that may not be classified as a crime. An example to this is excessive compensation for board members or excessive bonuses for managers. There are actions that are considered unethical but legal. There also may be some actions that are illegal but ethical. Provide 1–2 slides addressing the following:

·         Discuss arguments for criminalizing or not criminalizing ethical or unethical behavior.

·         Discuss or address any ethical issues involved in your 2 cases.


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