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For this discussion, refer to your Perez and Luquis text.

In an effort to continuously improve and develop culturally competent organizations, health curricula need to have awareness and skill-based objectives (Pérez & Luquis, pp. 164–165) as a starting point, and lifelong learning as a building block in delivering quality outcomes and a more culturally competent health care delivery system.

In one page or less, answer the following:

  • Describe the importance of providing health care students and staff cultural competence education and professional development in reaching cultural proficiency.
    • What factors should you consider in profiling a culturally competent learner?
    • Describe briefly the importance of a model such as IC-3 (p. 169 in Perez & Luquiz) in preparing the health care workforce.
    • Identify and discuss one integrated support and one evaluation channel.
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