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Research-based assignment is to identify and discuss health care disparities and wellness issues for a particular cultural group:

Select a population for which there is evidence of health care disparities. For this population:

  • Identify and describe two diseases with high incidence for the cultural (ethnic or racial) group.
    • Describe how the group is being affected.
    • What strategies are currently being employed or considered to increase wellness?
    • What additional considerations do you think might be useful?
  • Identify and discuss two specific disparities for the racial or ethnic group under consideration. Provide specific examples, and identify salient factors (such as socioeconomic status).
  • Identify and evaluate the group's beliefs, values, and traditions related to quality health, disparities, and wellness.
  • Based on analysis of your cultural group, formulate assumptions (hypotheses) about locus of control (internal versus external) in a specific cultural group's health, wellness, and disease. The research must focus on your selected cultural group.
  • Reflect on what you have found. Provide any insights, conclusions, or recommendations that you have arrived at from your research and analysis.

Requirements for the research-based paper:

  • Provide a table of contents, body of the paper, and a reference page.
  • Length: the paper should be at least five to seven double-spaced pages excluding cover page, table of contents, and reference page.

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