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A company wants to perform a legacy computer study using ANOVA methods

Read the following questions:

Q1. What cybersecurity measures and practice implementation occur within Air Force organizations responsible for protecting U.S. critical infrastructures dealing with legacy systems?

Q2. What challenges do offensive and defensive cyber capabilities pose for the Air Force. with the retention of legacy systems.

Q3. How could using a balanced approach in the implementation between legacy and up to date cyber systems improve the efficiency of U.S. cyber capabilities


A survey is to take place with a large company pertaining to legacy computer systems

The survey consists of the groupings:

(Number of legacy systems in place, Hours of training required per system, Number of years the legacy system has reside in the current location, types of legacy systems still in use, types of normal systems in use in the average work environment, number of cyber security measures implemented by regulation, number of vulnerabilities caused by legacy systems)

1. What type of variables can be derived from this survey to assist with answering the questions.

2. What type of measurement methods can be used to research why legacy computers still exist within the average work environment?

3. What proposed data analysis can be derived from the gained survey?

4. If you had to reword the questions in order to gain a more quantitative view in terms of legacy systems, what would you ask to better your research with ANOVA?

(5 page requirement)

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Cultivate design - ANOVA
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