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This is W3-A1 for the Portfolio class-


By Friday, November 28, 2014 develop an operating budget for your concept following standards of the Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants. Use turnover rates and average check amount to project your sales projections.  Within your budget, make sure you include all of your projected expenses including food, labor, and other costs.  This budget should be based on your most likely scenario.

This should be done as an excel spreadsheet.  You need to include a detailed budget for each month of year one with a final total of all line items.  For years two and three, simply include the yearly totals.

After completing the budgets, attach another sheet.  Using the most likely case for year one, create a worst case and best case scenario for the year.  

Include explanations justifying your actions. Student must use an original spreadsheet or a template supplied by the Art Institute of Pittsburgh — Online Division. Templates from ground AS programs which auto-calculate various values cannot be used for this course.

Post your submission to the Discussion Area. Begin commenting on at least two classmates' submissions as early in the week as possible. Please save a copy of this budget as it will be used in Week 4


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