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Controlling costs in the hospitality industry is a key to a successful career. You will need to demonstrate that you can maintain your projected budget and revenue statements by ensuring standards are met on a regular basis.

In this assignment, you will revisit and revise the final projects from your previous courses that involve cost-control procedures. Before proceeding, make sure you review the list of required artifacts and the corresponding classes where you worked on the various resources needed.

Create a document that explains how you will set up your financial controls and your benchmarks to meet your financial goals. Include any control procedures necessary and how they will be deployed within the organization.

On completion of the document, include a table of contents (TOC) and a Works Cited page to complete the document. You will compile all the Works Cited pages and TOCs to create a final Works Cited page and TOC that you will use in the finished portfolio. Make sure your document is professional.

Your discussion of financial controls and benchmarks should be a three- to five-page (not including TOC or Works Cited page), well-structured Microsoft Word document. Name and save your control plan following this sample naming convention: W3_A4_lastname_firstinitial.doc, and submit it to this Discussion Area by the due date. This document will form a part of the final portfolio.

Start reviewing and responding to your peers' posts as early in the week as possible. You can ask a question, post a comment, or add a point to expand the discussion. Be honest, clear, and concise. Critically evaluate the information presented by your peers. Keep in mind the information, structure, presentation of the paper, and tools used when evaluating your peers. 

Always use constructive language, even in criticism, to work toward the goal of positive progress. Make sure to use your previous courses' texts or other research when possible in your responses. Support your statements with appropriate references wherever necessary. Follow current MLA guidelines for writing style, spelling, grammar, and citation of sources.

Instructor notes:

I just need a 2 page overview of your controls - you do not need to go into detail. 

Think of areas such as food, labor, storage, or any area where you need to monitor percentages, crunch numbers, control temperature, etc...

Let me know if you have any questions. 


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