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Input and Output Devices


Hard Rock makes all types of hard candies that are sold worldwide. One of their specialties is making fruit flavored candies, such as papaya, guava, grapefruit, kiwi, orange, banana, watermelon, and many others. Hard Rock employs 328 people and makes extensive use of computers and networks in their business. Users in the business office have Windows 7 and Windows Vista computers. The candy kitchen staff all use Mac OS X, while the shipping unit prefers Fedora 13. The IT unit uses Fedora 13 for their own desktop computing needs, well as supporting eight Windows 2008 R2 servers

In one paragraph for each question, complete the questions below using complete sentences

  1. Hard Rock’s business manager has installed a new trackball to use with his portable computer that is running Windows Vista, and now there seems to be a conflict between the trackball and the touchpad on the portable. Explain the tool that he might use to solve the problem as well as how to use the tool to solve the problem.
  2. The business office has just received 12 new laser printers for installation and wants you to train their printer support coordinator to install the printers, but only on computers running Windows 7. Develop a set of instructions for installing the printers, using the Add Printer Wizard (because PnP is not supported for the printers). What other tool besides the Add Printer Wizard could they use? Note that these printers will be shared over a network.
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